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here's a list of her accomplishments in quick list form for easy reference

  • Wanted to be a Warden before her family was massacred
  • was rude to the king
  • was quick to accept Morrigan as help
  • teased Alistair a lot
  • recruited Sten, was forced to threaten the Revered Mother to get her to agree to let them have him.
  • refused to allow Leliana to join initially, though when they ran into her again she allowed the woman in.
  • traveled to Redcliffe
  • saved the village from undead, suffering no casualties in the onslaught.
  • sacrificed Arlessa Isolde to Jowan's blood magic ritual to save Connor
  • Uncovered the old Warden's Keep of Soldier Peak, repaired the veil there with help from the old Warden Mage.
  • sided with the mages during the siege on the Circle tower
  • recruited Wynne
  • recruited Zevran on her way to Denerim to look for Brother Genitivi
  • learned the truth of Leliana's past
  • killed some bitches at Lake Calenhad, got Sten's sword back while she was at it.
  • traveled to Haven, killed all the cultists
  • killed the High Dragon
  • found the Urn of Sacred Ashes
  • learned more of Wynne's problems
  • revived Arl Eamon
  • gave Alistair his mother's pendant she found in Eamon's study
  • discovered King Maric's sword was still at Ostagar, agreed to go in search of it
  • Returned to Ostagar, killed the darkspawn Necromancer, recovered Maric's sword, Duncan's dagger and sword, Cailan's armor, and Cailan's body. Gave the king a proper funeral pyre.
  • located Aneirin for Wynne, completing her personal quest
  • helped break the curse on the werewolves and Dalish elves of Brecilian Forest
  • spared Flemeth and brought Morrigan her Grimoire
  • sided with Lord Harrowmont for the dwarven elections
  • fought in the Proving as Harrowmont's champion
  • sided with Caridin against Branka in the Deep Roads
  • destroyed the Anvil of the Void
  • crowned Harrowmont king
  • received a rose from Alistair, thus beginning a tentative romance
  • confronted Marjoline with Leliana, hardened Leliana.
  • Killed Arl Howe in Denerim
  • was imprisoned in Fort Drakon
  • escaped with a combination of failed espionage and good old-fashioned skull-cracking.
  • exposed the slavers in the Elven Alienage, took proof that Loghain knew of it, but spared the leader so long as he never returned to Ferelden
  • confronted and killed Taliesen with Zevran
  • did not harden Alistair after meeting his sister
  • engaged Ser Cauthrien in battle before the Landsmeet, killed her
  • won the Landsmeet by majority vote, though Loghain would not stand down
  • fought Loghain in a duel, kicked his ass
  • allowed Alistair to execute Loghain
  • named Anora sole ruler of Ferelden
  • prepared to leave Denerim for Redcliffe
  • convinced Alistair to sleep with Morrigan to spare his life
  • took the killing blow against the Archdemon
  • left Denerim after the parades were over to travel, Alistair, Zevran, and Boulder in tow.
  • became Warden-Commander in Amaranthine
  • recruited all to her cause
  • fought to defend Amaranthine, left the fully upgraded Vigil's Keep in the care of the other half of the Wardens and her army
  • spared the Architect

  • -NOTE: while I took the romance path with Alistair I am open to non-romanced or romances with any of the other characters, I'm pretty familiar with them all.

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